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Melody + Thush | Urban Wedding at Everybody’s

Auckland City Urban Wedding at Everybody’s

I love urban weddings! I know New Zealand is known for its beautiful nature but It’s always exciting when a couple comes to me saying they are planning an industrial style, urban wedding in the heart of Auckland!

Melody & Thush met whilst studying at the University of Auckland. Melody was 20 and Thushtika was 18 at the time. They left New Zealand after their graduation to work in Australia in 2013 and resided in Sydney for 4 years. In 2017, they decided to return to Auckland, and Thushtika took Melody back to University, the classroom where we first met and proposed with the presence of close friends.

They wanted a relaxed setting without too many formalities. They wanted to spend more time with their guests so we did a short bridal party shoot before the ceremony. For the rest of the night, they just enjoyed hanging out with their friends and family.

Every detail of their wedding day at Everybody’s was just amazing especially with awesome styling by Rock & Honey. They ended the night with dancing and party and this was a day Melody & Thush imbued with meaning and moments to keep forever.

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