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Dance the day away

A stunning editorial shoot at The Trust, Melbourne

In this mesmerizing editorial photo shoot at The Trust, Melbourne, two lovely individuals dance their way into the spotlight. The success of this shoot is credited to the Editorial Content Workshop by Lei Lei Clavey Education, which has further equipped me as a photographer with the skills needed for editorial photography.

Offering a glimpse into the world of high-fashion and editorial photography, the shoot also focuses on breathtaking movement shots. My favorite ones include the graceful movement of the dusty white gown designed by Cesar Chehade. It perfectly complements the venue’s elegant furniture and interior design. I love how the subtle movements of the dance and the flowing gown added a dynamic element to the images.

The dream team behind this included talented hair and makeup artists Ashleigh Carpenter, Chrissy Gaunt, Hart and Co, and Blanka Dudas. Anastasia Tushuizen, the fashion stylist, added her touch of creativity, ensuring that every detail was perfect.

There were so many magical moments captured through the lens in this shoot. They not only capture the beauty and evocative mood of editorial photography but also the artistry of the entire team involved in making this vision a reality. I am so honoured to be a part of it.

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